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Philharmonic Choir - Aalborg

Philharmonic Choir is a concert choir with about 50 choristers. The choir's main tasks lie in part in participating in Aalborg Symphony Orchestra's performances of both choral and orchestral works with prominent conductors from home and abroad.

The link to the professional orchestra means high demands on the singers - and great experiences alike.

If you as a singer want to sing in one of North Denmark's best classical choirs while working on the performances of large choral and orchestral works together with a professional symphony orchestra, the Philharmonic Choir in Aalborg may be the place for you.

Philharmonic Choir is a concert choir with about 50 singers. The choir's main tasks lie in part in participating in Aalborg Symphony Orchestra's performances of choral and orchestral works with prominent conductors from home and abroad.

The link to the professional orchestra means high demands on the singers - and great experiences alike.

In addition, the Philharmonic Choir regular performs it's own concerts, typically small a cappella works, etc.



In the early 1940s enterprising citizens of Aalborg put together a core of professional musicians who would later become the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra Until 1954 the orchestra made use of of singers from the city's existing choirs when choral and orchestral tasks were on the programme. I 1954 the orchestra moved to established a choir which would be the orchestra's "own" choir, and where the choir worked in accordance with the orchestra. I 1961 the choir was made into an association with a board, statutes, etc. Cooperation with the orchestra continued, but the choir now gained the opportunity to influence the repertoire, to lay line of the choir's profile, and to set the standards of the singers who wanted to join the choir.


Usually, the choir participates annually in 1-2 large jobs with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, in addition to several a cappella concerts conducted by the choir's own conductor.

The close link to the orchestra means that the Philharmonic Choir mainly sings music in symphonic styles ranging from baroque to contemporary music. Among the many works the choir has participated is: Handel's Messiah, Haydn's The Creation, Verdi's Requiem, Pizzettis Requiem (a cappella) and Stravinsky's A Sermon, a Narrative and a Prayer, Mozart's Mass in C minor, Benjamin Britten's War Requiem, Durufle's Requiem, and Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

For the repertoire of the choir's own concerts and for the concert travels the choir also performs music in lighter genres.

In 2007 Philharmonic Choir started a tradition of  traveling by going to Brussels, where among other things the choir gave a concert in European Parliament. Since then, the choir has been on a concert tour every spring and every two years traveling abroad. In recent years, the frequency is reduced to alternating a weekend for the choir and a travel. This is done to ensure travel and concert programmes that are thoroughly worked through and which also have great choir experiences. On these trips the choir performs  a varied and exciting repertoire that is tailored to the individual trip.

Philharmonic Choir is a member of the organization Kor72, a nationwide organization for mixed choirs. Through Kor72 members get the opportunity to participate in many exciting rallies with the best instructors from home and abroad.


Become a member

Philharmonic Choir continuously accepts new members. If you are interested, read on ...

Before you are formally accepted into the choir you will need to audition. After this, you are given a trial period - to be later arranged - where you participate in a few rehearsals, are given sheet music and go about participating in what is rehearsed. Subsequently, we will assess if you and the choir are a match. The auditions are primarily arranged in August and January. If those two auditions for some reason does not fit into your schedule, we can arrange a preliminary audition.

Afterwards you attend thr rehearsals, are issued with scores for the music, and equally participate in rehearsals with the other members. We talk about your expentations of the choir and our expectations of you. We can make a preliminary audition for you if our two annual auditions does not fit in with your plans.

You will be connected to a buddy from your own voice group, and this person will be someone you can lean on and ask about anything and everything concerning the choir. This buddy will also introduce you to the other choir members, so that you do not feel alone. We want to have a good community in Philharmonic Choir!

The prerequisite for joining the choir is a good singing voice, a reasonably good ability to read music, a good ear and the time and desire for stable attendance for rehearsals and concerts. It is definitely an advantage to be experienced in singing in a choir.

We aim to have a equal distribution of voices in Philharmonic Choir, and therefore there may be a waiting list, but just ask us for admittance.

Admittance in the choir happens after passing the audition carried out shortly after the start of the season and around the New Year.

In order to ensure the choir's continuous artistic level the choir regularly arranges auditions for all members.

The choir does not accept new members over the age of 60.

A season usually lasts from mid-August to mid-June.

We practice every Monday from 19:00. 21.45 in Vesterkærs Kirke, Skydebanevej 2, 9000 Aalborg.

Additional rehearsals up to concerts is to be expected.

Annual fee: Dkr. 1.000,00 (students and pensioners dkr. 850.00).

Are you interested in becoming a member? Then please contact the choir's chairman, Ann Mikkelsen on tel 22212030 or e-mail for further information.



Yearly fee is for the season 2015/2016 (early August to late May) is dkr. 1,000.

If you are a student, benefit claimant, or a pensioner on the due date you pay dkr. 850.

The fee is paid in two parts with 1st part of  dkr 500/425 due by 15 September and dkr. 500/425 due by February 15th (must be paid before the General Assembly in early February if you want to vote).

If for some reason you are on leave  we charge full payment.

The choir's account number in Spar Nord: 9035, account number 4564839162

Your fee is not due until you have passed the audition, and you are admitted into the choir (or have taken a preliminary audition after starting in the spring or autumn).



Would you like to book Philharmonic Choir for a concert? We welcome all challenges, both large and small concerts! Please contact the choir's chairman for a talk about repertoire, dates, fees, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Philharmonic Choir you are also welcome to contact the choir's chairman:

Ann Mikkelsen

Tel .: 22 21 20 30



Comments and suggestions for the choir's website can be directed to the webmaster:

Merete Mostrøm Sørensen